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ES Finance: Up To 24 Months To Return It

ES Finance belongs to International Personal Finance Digital Spain SAU and is a money lending company that works, day by day, under the principles of speed, flexibility and transparency. ES’s clients find credit solutions and loans to measure through an ethical and responsible activity.


How much can I get with ES loans?

ES gives loans with GD Bank

With ES loans you can get up to € 5,000 for you to use whenever you want. You can withdraw the money when you need it and pay only for what you have used. It has a simulator to know the amount of monthly payments, such as a loan of 400 euros or a loan of 300 euros You have a period of 61 days to 24 months to return all the money.

With the credits of ES you have a virtual account in which you can withdraw the money continuously, so you have the amount you need at that time and you only pay for it.

Once returned to your virtual account, you have it again, with the initial amount granted for when you need it again. Each month, you have information about the amount you have withdrawn, the credit available and the minimum monthly amount to be returned, and at any time, you can check the movements of your line of credit in the Personal Area of ​​the website.


How long does it take ES to enter the money?

ES’s loan application has an immediate response, you will receive a solution immediately through SMS, in your email or through a phone call in the number that you registered in the form and if any additional information is necessary, they will contact you.

After having approved the application for the quick loan, ES enters the money from your loans without a guarantee within 15 minutes after approving your application. In addition, to apply for and approve your easy credit, no study or opening fees are applied, so the grant is completely free. Although the company usually takes only minutes to enter the money, you should bear in mind that there are cases in which the money takes to be available in your bank account between 24 and 48 hours due to internal problems of the banks.

ES gives loans with GD Bank

Loan requirements ES

ES gives loans with GD Bank , between € 100 and € 3,000. According to the case. For these credits, the company usually offers several months of return or even years. At the time of approval it is valued that you are working (presentation of payroll) and the past credit will not influence the granting of the credit.


Loan requirements ES

To apply for any of the personal loans, what you need is:

  • Be of age.
  • Some documentation such as the DNI or the NIE (with a photocopy).
  • Account number.
  • Demonstration of income.

When you apply for the ES loan, you must have these documents on hand, to send them and approve your application.


ES interests

The credits of ES support two types of interests, which are the following:

  • Fixed interest monthly debtor: it is a monthly interest rate for having a line of credit and if you return the money ahead of time, you will pay, proportionally, interest for the days you have used it. This interest rate starts from 1.87%.
  • APR (or Annual Reference) : is the interest rate that tells you what you are going to pay per month for having available money in your line of credit. The APR is an interest rate that reflects what you pay for having a quick personal loan per year. It stands at from 24.9%.


ES loans reviews

ES interests

When applying for any of the online loans, you should know that speed and customer service are two things that stand out. As far as ES’s opinions are concerned, the company has an average of 3 out of 5 possible with respect to granting online loans on the spot, according to figures offered by the company International Personal Finance Digital Spain SAU, which interviewed 509 clients.

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